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The Seahorse Buddy feeder/feeding station was born through the love for seahorses. Through keeping seahorses, we realised that there is absolutely no great solution around for feeding them. Each time we put frozen brine or mysis shrimp into the tank, they’d break away and float around the tank. Seahorses are not fast swimmers and they don’t eat fast, that is what makes them graceful and royal-like – the ‘crown’ on each of their heads are certainly there for a reason!

We have thought about the different ways of containing the food for them to graze slowly, but options of putting a container at the bottom of the tank or slowly releasing the food using a turkey baster were not long-term solutions. We wanted to enjoy watching seahorses feed and not concentrating on feeding them. Trolling the Internet for more solutions did not return with satisfactory results, so we decided to sit and design, and make them ourselves.

We have made and tested a few concepts that we have made up and have landed on this final solution that is simple, effective and does not distract from the fish and aquascape. Now we want to share this with everyone, especially seahorse owners worldwide.

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Our design

Simple. Strong. Fuss-free. Clean lines.

Those are the factors that we have in mind when we let our ideal product transfer onto paper. Sketching out the concepts and constantly reviewing them allowed us to get the best end-product. The seahorse feeder evolved from a simple container accompanied by a couple of smaller magnets to what it is today.

Now we can proudly present the Seahorse Buddy that will be great for not only seahorse but for any marine life that can feed out from a dedicated location. Future designs of the Seahorse Buddy will continue the tradition of keeping the core factors in mind.

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