Seahorse Buddy feeder, designed and made in Australia

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Watch your seahorses feed in one location in your tank. No more food mess in your aquarium. Witness your seahorses obtain joy from not having to chase food around the tank.

Each product is handmade, so there may be small variances from what’s shown in the images.

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Product Description


The Seahorse Buddy (ver. 3) is a seahorse feeder / feeding station designed for seahorses. Place the food in the trough and watch them anchor onto the railings and feed! The clear body of the station allows seahorses and their owners to look through it and see what is going on. Perfect for seahorse enthusiasts! Can also be used as a feeding station for other fish too.

Note: This feeder uses a suction cup. I made the previous model that has the magnets and found that the water is prone to seeping into the casing, causing the magnets to rust, which is not good for the water quality of the tank. I found that the premium suction cups does the job better – with no swivelling of the feeder in use and is more sturdy. I have even made the trough slightly deeper to shield more water flow around the feeder.


Material Acrylic Glass
Type of attachment Premium suction cup
Size (w/ suction cup): 17cm(W) x 10cm(D) x 4.5cm(H) /
6.7″(W) x 3.9″(D) x 1.77″(H)
Weight 0.22kg / 0.49lbs

Product Features


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Sturdy construction

Designed and built with seahorses and their owners in mind. They are built by hand and go through strict quality control.

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Strong premium suction cup

A strong premium suction cup is used to get a strong grip to any aquarium wall.

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Continuous railing

The long and continuous railing around the body allows a larger number of seahorses to anchor and feed at the same time.

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Crystal clear body

The clear body allows 100% visibility on all that is going on in and around the feeding station for both seahorses and their owners.

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Smooth curved edges

Curved edges of the body and railing eliminate accidental bumps by fish and give the feeding station a premium aesthetic.

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Deep trough

The depth of the feeding trough reduces the likelihood of food floating away, and is deep enough for seahorses to feed while anchored.

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Continuous walls

The walls of the trough are formed using a single sheet of material, giving it a premium aesthetic and eliminating harsh edges.

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Easy to clean

The simplicity of the construction allows for quick and easy cleaning.

1 review for Seahorse Buddy feeder, designed and made in Australia

  1. Andre Ling

    I love the Seahorse Buddy! It made feeding so much easier and now my seahorses know where to go when it is time for a meal. It is great to see them adjusting to it so quickly. They go there to wait when they are hungry, which is all the time! It’s funny watching them look at their food through the walls too!

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